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Slide templates are available on the JVRC09 web server. Feel free to download and use them for your JVRC09 presentations if you wish.


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Demos and Lab. Presentations Submission Deadline have been posponed.

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"Decoding velocity change of self-motion from EEG"
Yasunobu Katsumata, Hiroaki Shigemasu, Michiteru Kitazaki

"Digital Storytelling in the Church of the Holy Trinity Virtual Environment"
Selma Rizvic, Belma Ramic-Brkic, Aida Sadzak

"Advanced Visualization System with Distance Measurement for an Accurate Laparoscopy Surgery"
Lucio T. De Paolis, Marco Pulimeno, Michele Lapresa, Antonio Perrone, Giovanni Aloisio

"Effect of Haptic Cues and Viewpoint on Task Performance"
M. Naud, S. Ullah, P. Richard, S. Otmane, M. Mallem,

"From Human Movement Capturing to Propelling Mechanism Design: A Task of Rolling-Based Locomotion"
Igor Goncharenko, Mikhail Svinin, Yutaka Kanou

"Evaluation of tactile texture presentation on a 3D object"
Kanako Nishimura, Yasushi Ikei

"QUIVER: an Informed Virtual Environment with Thermal Data Perception for Housing"

Loïc Fricoteaux, Indira Thouvenin, Thierry Voillequin

"Practical Uses of Mixed Reality Exhibition at the National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo"
Tomotsugu Kondo, Makoto Manabe, Hiroyuki Arita-Kikutani, Yuko Mishima

"AMYLO: Haptic rendering for molecular virtual reality simulation"
Adel Sghaier, Nicolas Ladaveze, Jean-Yves Fourquet

"Integrating Heterogeneous Simulation Codes in FlowVR Interactive Applications"
S. Limet, S. Robert, A. Turki

"An Augmented Reality supported Rack Guidance System in Space Flight"
Daniela Markov-Vetter, Uwe Mittag

"Odorshop: A Method of the Personal Communication by Fragrance Printing"
Hironori Funato, Haruo Noma, Yasuyuki Yanagida

"Facing Obsolescence. The Virtual Reality Interactive Real-Time Simulator"
David Martinez Oliveira, Joachim Fuchs

"A User Study on the Effect of Personalized Avatars in Virtual Environment"
I. Karaseitanidis, P. Psonis, A. Amditis and G. Gourdoglou