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Slide templates are available on the JVRC09 web server. Feel free to download and use them for your JVRC09 presentations if you wish.


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Demos and Lab. Presentations Submission Deadline have been posponed.

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Session 1 (Hardware, Haptics and Systems)

  • Hirose Tanikawa Lab, The University of Tokyo (K. Nishimura, A. Hiyama, T. Tanikawa, and M. Hirose, JAPAN)
  • Human Robots Mediated Interactions Laboratory (HRMI), from the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) (N. Mollet and R. Chellali, ITALY)
  • Recent Research Activities at Hasegawa Lab. in University of Electro-Communications
    S. Hasegawa, JAPAN)
  • The KAEMaRT Group Laboratories (M. Bordegoni and U. Cugini, ITALY)
  • Mixed and Augmented Reality Research at Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) (M. Kanbara, H. Kato and Naokazu Yokoya, JAPAN)
  • PERCRO - Perceptual Robotics Laboratory (M. Bergamasco and C.A. Avizzano, ITALY)
  • Recent Research Activities at the Integrated Media Environment Laboratory at Osaka University (H. Takemura and K. Kiyokawa, JAPAN)


Session 2 (Perception, Human Factors and Applications)

  • Heudiasyc UMR CNRS 6599 Laboratory / IKI - University of Technology Compiègne and CNRS (I. Mouttapa Thouvenin, FRANCE) 
  • VR lab of the Intelligent System Engineering and Novel Simulation Environments Group (I-SENSE) (A. Amditis, GREECE)
  • CERV: European Center for Virtual Reality (P. Chevaillier, P. De Loor, P. Redou, J. Tisseau and S. Vielledent, FRANCE)
  • Behavioral Research in the Mediterranean Virtual Reality Center (D.R. Mestre, FRANCE)
  • The Human Factors Research Group, University of Nottingham: Design and Evaluation of Virtual Environments (S. Sharples, S. Cobb, M. D’Cruz, R. Eastgate, H. Patel, A. Stedmon, G. Burnett and J.R. Wilson, UK)
  • Laboratory of Physiology of Perception and Action LPPA CNRS/Collège de France (M. Zaoui, FRANCE)


Session 3 (Displays, Content and Interaction)

  • Virtual Environments and Visual Technologies at Fraunhofer IAO (M. Bues, R. Blach, M. Dangelmaier and F. Haselberger, GERMANY)
  • Meijo University VR Laboratory (Y. Yanagida, JAPAN)
  • Presentation of the Bunraku Team, "Perception, decision and action of real and virtual humans in virtual environments and impact on real environments" (G. Dumont, FRANCE)
  • Crossing Realities: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (G. Welch, H. Fuchs, J.M. Frahm, A. Lastra and M. Pollefeys, USA)
  • The Clausthal University Computer Graphics Lab (G. Zachmann, GERMANY)
  • The MOVING Research Group and Laboratory (P. Brunet and C.  Andujar, SPAIN)